16 Nov 2015



So it just dawned on you that you are a graduate and you are unemployed. Nysc has ended and no more allawee coming into your account at the end of the month. Initially in your first month you were not bothered as you needed the 1 month break from all the stress NYSC put you through.  2 months, 3 months has passed and you are tired of resting, you apply to several job postings online, and no feedback. 4 months gone and you are feeling frustrated, your mates have gotten good jobs but you are at home idle. Frustration begins to tell on you, you can’t afford some basic things you need because you are broke. You can’t ask your parents for money or loans, as according to them they have trained you to the graduate level, so as an adult you should be able to fend for yourself.

You begin to ask yourself “How do I survive”?


There is the art and science of surviving as a jobless graduate. The Science are the “How tos”, and the Art is the mind-set you train yourself to become, while you are at it. As Matt Morris (If you don’t know him, you should google him ASAP) said “If how to’s were enough, we would all be rich skinny and happy.” 

I will give you a few tips here:

Learn a Skill:

It doesn’t pay to be idle. As the popular saying goes. “An idle mind is the devils workshop”, don’t let the devil start to use you brethren, pick up yourself and learn a skill. If you don’t want a skill, you could go get a professional certification either ways you are upgrading yourself.

Brainstorm a solution to a problem and offer it as a service:

Yes you heard right. You see all these working class people who go to work every day have problems they don’t know exist till you point it out to them as a solution that they need. Examples of such services include:
Homecleaning Services, Janitorial Services, Errands, Food delivering, Market Shopping, Topnotch affordable tailoring services, as the world is going beserk with health consciousness you could key into it.   
Or if you are scared of going into one of the above, you could open up a CBT centre and partner with Jamb to hold Jamb exams coming up next year.

Make money Online:

There are thousands of blogs in the Nigerian Blogging Hemisphere, to stand out you have to be unique with your posts to keep your unique visits constant if not increase them thereby garnering more traffic to your site. You don’t need much to start this, all you need is a laptop, internet connection, the hunger for knowledge and the mind-set to succeed even if you don’t see the fruits of your labour in your first months. Rome wasn't built in a day.

Be a Digital Marketer:

Yes dear, you heard me well. You don’t need much to start up in this, all the requirements you need is same as the previous option.

Start a part time Business:

You have all the time in the world, you are not working 9-5, you are not being stuck in the 3hrs Lagos traffic. This is one of the best options I will recommend to anyone I care for. And of course I care for you my lovely readers, I know of an awesome opportunity, if you will like to know more details about it, send me a mail on pweetyvee@gmail.com or you could use the comment section to indicate interest in it.

Till my next post Au revoir.

10 Nov 2015

One Chance or Can I Drop You Off

My lovers its another beautiful sunny day in Lagos, yeah!!!

Very Sunny day. The sun was so hot that it felt like I was literally in an oven in addition to the fact that I was boarding a public transport to get to my destination. Jumping buses in Lagos is hell, taking a cab is more hell as its more expensive despite its comfort. Everyday I leave home to get to my destination and remember I have to board a public transport, it just dampens my spirit. I need a car in my Life. My prayer for my next birthday is a car, I believe in Miracles. I strongly do.  I just have to work harder to meet my deadline.

Which brings me to the title of my post.

On my way back from the Victoria Island the other day, I waiting to board a bus, after a crazy interview under the hot scorching sun, thinking of how to get home. Next thing I see,  this crazy ass Acura ride (The Acura that looks like a Honda Crosstour) stops by. My inner mind said, "Babe keep walking", my other mind was curious to know who the driver was, silently praying that he would be going my way and drop me off. I know, its the ember months, and the rate of kidnappings and disappearing people are on the rise and we shouldn't be entering cars with tinted glasses abi, My prayers got answered and yup luckily the guy was going my way. I was saved the stress of boarding a bus.

We got talking, and talked about a lot of things and exchanged contacts. The younger me would have frowned and ignored the offer and kept going, but you see the older me, with so much experience of taking public transport rejoiced at the offer. You see, you never can tell when you would need the need the strangers help. And it didn't feel weird exchanging contacts, its 2015,

In other news I have found someone to make my shoes. I also help in the marketing of my younger brothers tshirt line. First batch is in production, I will give you an update soon on how it goes.  

Au Revior,
Till my next post,

Stay Positve.

23 Oct 2015

There's Enough Sun For Everyone

Hi Lovers,

How have you been. Its October, yeah!!!!. I should be excited like everyone else because Christmas is round the corner. But I am not. I haven't become the millionaire I set out to become before the year runs out.

If you live in Nigeria, and you haven’t heard of the latest acquisition by Nigerians most popular blogger than you must be living under a rock. Linda Ikeji bought a house worth over 800million naira and Nigeria’s internet space went haywire. From how she was an inspiration to the young women and the youth alike, to haters and bad belle people criticizing her decision to buy that house. The question I keep asking people with negative remarks is “is it your money? is it your house? How does her decision to buy a house she worked hard for affect the fact that that as you are arguing and hating you don’t have up to a million naira in your account”. Nigerians should let her be.

Then came the people with tax, saying of how EFCC, LIRS and FIRS are going to come after her. I can agree that. Declaring her house and how much it cost will make the law come after her, but as she isn’t a politician, there will be serious issues and bad belle people will do everything possible in their means to bring her down.

I had a discussion with a colleague, and he insisted it was impossible for Linda Ikeji to afford the house from blogging alone. I beg to differ. It is extremely possible. Don’t forget she has been blogging for 9 years, she is a sole blogger so she doesn’t have staffs employed unlike other media outlets or blogs, her blog is also monetized. I asked around and found out it was very possible. As at 2 years ago I knew bloggers making 500,000 to 1 million naira monthly from their blogs ooo, you can compare that to how much they will be making today with the rise in dollar.

In the famous words of a fellow blogger, “Don’t blog for the money, blog for the passion, find your niche, the audience, traffic and the money will come”. For the people who suddenly jumped into blogging, its going to be a bit difficult, its crowded at the bottom, but if your blog is unique, you will make it to the top. Cheer the ones at the top succeeding, cos there is enough sun for everyone. There are enough resources available online for you to succeed online.

In other news anyone who wants to keep their career options open, and have thought of diversifying their streams of income, should send me a mail, I have an opportunity that I will like them to check out.

3 Sep 2015

Hello September - Back to Blogging, Life after Service and Sourcing for another source of income

Hello September,

Vee is back!!!! Sounds like good news yeah!! Thanks for those who checked up on me, I am grateful.

My apologies that I went AWOL, I should be flogged abi. I am looking for a perfect excuse asides work and laziness/ procrastination. Let me fill you guys in on what has been happening for to me all this while.

I got the spectranet mifi i talked about in my post here First random post of 2015, and its being a faithful servant, serving its purpose everywhere I go. I finished NYSC. Done and dusted and  I continued with work.

Which brings me to the topic of my post. For those of us who got a job before, during service or immediately after service life is a little bit comfortable.We got our opportunities before hand and didn't have to while away our days complaining to anyone who cared to listen to how we are tired of staying home jobless, applying to several job postings on the internet or papers and hoping one drops from the sky. I remember the 6 months strike period where I stayed home for 6 months, with nothing to do, I got tired of being idle, and got tired of being tired.

Life after service isn't as scary as it seemed  a while back. Neither is it as comfortable as it should be. Having being employed for 1+, I have come to realize that every working individual, no matter how comfortable your pay check is, should invest in another source of income which they should be able to fall back on. Something that will grow no matter the little effort they put in.

I have seen young people so scared of taking the risk of starting something get stuck in a job that doesn't pay well, and complain alot of how they are not living the life they want to leave. I have been in those shoes too. I have a friend who has worked for 5 years, for a company that owe its staffs salaries consecutively spanning three months or more, he has been kicked out of his apartment, and still he is scared to taking the leap of faith and try out something new, and have very little reliance on his job. I could go on and on and on, but I rest my case.

I am going into footwear design and making, I checked the Nigerian market for female footwear industry, and am encouraged and inspired by Gbemisoke shoes. So darlings if you know anyone who can make good female shoes holla at me by sending me a mail - pweetyvee@gmail.com

Till my next post,

Take a leap of faith.

25 Feb 2015


Hi people,

How have you been? Been long you saw me. I would have said happy new year or happy vals, but as we are way into 2015, and way past vals, no need.

So I got a vals gift (a lovely book) from Le sister, which I was excited about (see me bragging about it), only for her to burst my happiness by telling me she had so many people waiting to read the book, that I should hurry up with it (see how she is sharing the vals love).   Normally, I am a very fast reader, but I intend to read that book as slowly as I can, and write my name boldly on every page on the book *Tehehehe*.

So I promised to do a Camp diaries series while in camp, I started writing the diaries, but stopped halfway. I valued my sleep more *covers eyes*Camp was fun. So I am stuck here, patiently waiting for cds to finish, no point spending most of my cd day listening to people arguing and planning things that do not interest me. I feel its a complete waste of my time. I sometimes wish I did SAED, but knowing my CD days are not entirely free (I have to go back to work) *sad face*, I just have to stick with it, and the fact that my Mom nags me every Thursday morning that she is dissappointed I have learnt a thing or gotten a certification to add to my CV and I have 5 months left to end NYSC.

I want to, so if you know any where I can get Business Analysis/ Project Management Certified, holla at your babe. I am confused on which certifications to take, I might stick with the ones I mentioned for now. Most times I wonder, if I get these, will I get a good paying job with these or will it be a waste of my time and resources.

In order news, I need to get a mifi. Life without internet connection is torture. Spectranet plans are afforable, but those fellas don't have mifi's in stock till God knows when (They don't expect people to be carrying the wifi modem about in their bags do they?) , Swift and Smile plans don't look pocket friendly to a corper like me *sniffs*.

This is just  a random first post for 2015. Am back for good, pending I get a mifi. Thanks for people that kept checking up on me, and kept bugging about when I do a blogpost, I love you guys. For blogs that kept me tuned while I was AWOL, it was fun reading your blogpost. Feel free to check them up:

Got to go,

Till my next post.
Yours Sincerely