3 Sep 2015

Hello September - Back to Blogging, Life after Service and Sourcing for another source of income

Hello September,

Vee is back!!!! Sounds like good news yeah!! Thanks for those who checked up on me, I am grateful.

My apologies that I went AWOL, I should be flogged abi. I am looking for a perfect excuse asides work and laziness/ procrastination. Let me fill you guys in on what has been happening for to me all this while.

I got the spectranet mifi i talked about in my post here First random post of 2015, and its being a faithful servant, serving its purpose everywhere I go. I finished NYSC. Done and dusted and  I continued with work.

Which brings me to the topic of my post. For those of us who got a job before, during service or immediately after service life is a little bit comfortable.We got our opportunities before hand and didn't have to while away our days complaining to anyone who cared to listen to how we are tired of staying home jobless, applying to several job postings on the internet or papers and hoping one drops from the sky. I remember the 6 months strike period where I stayed home for 6 months, with nothing to do, I got tired of being idle, and got tired of being tired.

Life after service isn't as scary as it seemed  a while back. Neither is it as comfortable as it should be. Having being employed for 1+, I have come to realize that every working individual, no matter how comfortable your pay check is, should invest in another source of income which they should be able to fall back on. Something that will grow no matter the little effort they put in.

I have seen young people so scared of taking the risk of starting something get stuck in a job that doesn't pay well, and complain alot of how they are not living the life they want to leave. I have been in those shoes too. I have a friend who has worked for 5 years, for a company that owe its staffs salaries consecutively spanning three months or more, he has been kicked out of his apartment, and still he is scared to taking the leap of faith and try out something new, and have very little reliance on his job. I could go on and on and on, but I rest my case.

I am going into footwear design and making, I checked the Nigerian market for female footwear industry, and am encouraged and inspired by Gbemisoke shoes. So darlings if you know anyone who can make good female shoes holla at me by sending me a mail - pweetyvee@gmail.com

Till my next post,

Take a leap of faith.

25 Feb 2015


Hi people,

How have you been? Been long you saw me. I would have said happy new year or happy vals, but as we are way into 2015, and way past vals, no need.

So I got a vals gift (a lovely book) from Le sister, which I was excited about (see me bragging about it), only for her to burst my happiness by telling me she had so many people waiting to read the book, that I should hurry up with it (see how she is sharing the vals love).   Normally, I am a very fast reader, but I intend to read that book as slowly as I can, and write my name boldly on every page on the book *Tehehehe*.

So I promised to do a Camp diaries series while in camp, I started writing the diaries, but stopped halfway. I valued my sleep more *covers eyes*Camp was fun. So I am stuck here, patiently waiting for cds to finish, no point spending most of my cd day listening to people arguing and planning things that do not interest me. I feel its a complete waste of my time. I sometimes wish I did SAED, but knowing my CD days are not entirely free (I have to go back to work) *sad face*, I just have to stick with it, and the fact that my Mom nags me every Thursday morning that she is dissappointed I have learnt a thing or gotten a certification to add to my CV and I have 5 months left to end NYSC.

I want to, so if you know any where I can get Business Analysis/ Project Management Certified, holla at your babe. I am confused on which certifications to take, I might stick with the ones I mentioned for now. Most times I wonder, if I get these, will I get a good paying job with these or will it be a waste of my time and resources.

In order news, I need to get a mifi. Life without internet connection is torture. Spectranet plans are afforable, but those fellas don't have mifi's in stock till God knows when (They don't expect people to be carrying the wifi modem about in their bags do they?) , Swift and Smile plans don't look pocket friendly to a corper like me *sniffs*.

This is just  a random first post for 2015. Am back for good, pending I get a mifi. Thanks for people that kept checking up on me, and kept bugging about when I do a blogpost, I love you guys. For blogs that kept me tuned while I was AWOL, it was fun reading your blogpost. Feel free to check them up:

Got to go,

Till my next post.
Yours Sincerely

3 Aug 2014


My people, how have you been. I have been good. Good News, I was posted to Lagos. I am a Lagos corper. Camp is on Tuesday,and I am running about buying things I need for camp.My pocket has dried and I haven't bought half of what I need. I went shopping today, and ended up buying things that were not relevant and not on my list. The thing drained my budget eh. They would decorate my wardrobe for the time being till  I find them useful. I intend to join OBS in camp, I have always loved to talk, I heard its fun. 

I promised you guys a writeup today. Here it is.

My name is Kainene, meaning let us look to God. I am tall and pretty with caramel colored skin, smooth and soft like that of a newly born, with beauty surpassing Venus the roman god of beauty. Eyes as dark a  starless moonless night that speaks volumes without a word from my lips. A sing song voice like that of a nightingale to soothe and calm your nerves,on rainy days. They say a great man died on the night of my birth, they say rain fell like never before after a drought of forty years. They say I am a Goddess. They say so much, yet mean little.

Her name is Ann. She sits in front of the wall lenght mirror applying her makeup. She is more beautiful than I am. She is carefree, and never worries. The "Miss popular" in school. Every guys dream date. I envy my best friend as she adjusts her fitted short black dress for the tenth time.  You see, Ann used to be smart, but she threw the books away, and said "Nene, A girl who is smart chase men away. They feel intimidated". Then she changed. She now paints herself as a rich kid. Changes her hair every two weeks, uses the latest mobile phones in trend, even though her parents use a Nokia 3310. She travels to dubai every week and never repeats an outfit.

Ann is my best friend. she takes care of my needs, clothes me, feeds me and house me. I owe her a debt she always me reminds me of each morning as she applies her makeup. "Nene, I don't want you to live this lifestyle . Its not a good one. You know you are more than a sister to me. All I want from you is to keep the secret of who I am from people. Don't tell anyone about my background, they mustn't know. ".

I listen to all of Anns escapades and frustrations. How do I tell her to stop leaving the fast life. I beg her to leave Chief, he would end up using her youth and beauty. She flips her weave and tilts her head to the right. "No love, I cant. He takes care of me pretty well, and I as well take care of you. Do you want us to go back to our suffering eh. I hukwa. "

She combs her long weave, and hums a tuneless song, Chief had promised her a surprise birthday gift, a gift which would end with her coming home battered. Beauty doesn't last forever so they say, and hers was slowly fading away.  I wipe a tear from her face, "I have to survive Nene", she says, 'You know me better than they do, don't judge me like they do, sometime when the time is right, we would tell them my story".  I watch as she picks her bag to leave. She pats my hair and say "Smile, you are beautiful." I would wait for her story, till then, I would be her shoulder to lean on.

Ann is the new girl I have become. Nene is the girl I was, the girl I leave behind everyday. The only one to ever see me weak, my bestfriend and ally. My Alter ego. Ann and Nene, are the two lives I live.

PS: I need tips for corpers in camp, you could share by using the comment box.

I would be going for camp so I might not post for a while. Stay tuned for camp diaries.

Yours Sincerely

30 Jul 2014


*Clears cobwebs, strolls in with a bowl of popcorn and a cup of smothie*

My people, how have you been. Its has been long. E don tey. I am sure some of you by now would have said ,"This girl has disappeared as usual". I didn't disappear, I just went on leave, vacay. lowkey for sometime.

In the mean time, life went on. I grew older. I graduated, *rings the bell*, from the prestigious University of Ibadan, *singing* "To be a graduate is not a days job". Le struggle was real, we read like mad, lived on coffee junks, went for *clears throat* parties mogbo moyas, became spiritual (You can never tell what God can do in your final year). And finally we became broke. No more pocket money to spend anyhow. In all I cant stop thanking God for his grace, blessings and protection. I have learnt to trust God these past few weeks, and be thankful.

NYSC camp is on Tuesday. I am not excited, I just have that *why the hell do we have to go through this*feeling. I don't know where I would be posted to, I am praying Lagos Stream 2 works out for me, and that this one year of service would be a blessing, favorable and a testimony to me.

In other news, I bought half of a yellow sun, that book was emotional. my favourite character was Kainene. I am in love with the names Chimamanda gives her characters. To say, Kainene never came back broke my heart. I loved her character in the book. I am waiting patiently for the movie to be out in the cinemas,  I won't be the last to see it. I just hope they don't cut out some important parts.

PS: Reading a book before seeing the movie cannot be over emphasized.

I have this beautiful writeup I wrote since January in my scrapbook  scheduled for my post tomorrow. Laziness,Procrastination and lack of internet made me not post it.

Stay tuned, I have loads of surprises coming your way.


Yours Sincerely.

29 Jan 2014


Happy new month in advance people. The month of love is here in a around the corner. Who are you valing?
You see there are picture's and jokes flying around the internet on "How to know if you are your boo's boo" on that day. Please and please don't take them too serious, else you might end up a frustrated boo. 

I got talking with my friend Samuel on how he started PROMOUPDATE. Promoupdate is a site gives information, and alerts people on promos run by different companies in Nigeria. And YES!, it is genuine, and win. For people that love awoof, like me, yeah me, and you reading this. *wink*.


About five years ago in a promo tagged 9jillion, Etisalat gave out one million dollars ($1,000,000) which some persons initially considered unrealistic. Even though I’d never won anything all my life (except for free drinks), I still believed promos were real. I always wanted to participate, hoping to win at least a phone one day. I also noticed I missed out in lots of promos because most companies limit their awareness campaigns to traditional media. (I don’t listen to the radio, I rarely saw these promo billboards in Ibadan where I was studying as an undergraduate, I couldn’t afford to buy newspaper daily from my N5,000 monthly allowance and the list goes on and on). I thought the wisest thing to do was to look for a centrally updated platform where all ongoing promos would be announced from time to time.

In the course of time, I found DealDey which was far from what I wanted. After several months of searching and making no headway, I decided to come up with an online platform that would inform people about every ongoing promo, competition, scholarship and lottery – the four of them have something in common, which is winning. I started the development of the platform but later stopped because most of my colleagues laughed at me and said to me “SAMUELI! You too like AWOOF!!!” (who doesn't?). Truly, I do like “awoof” but I didn’t like the fact that everyone (especially the girls) said it to my face whilst giving me that funny look that says, “You had better go and read your books”.

Thankfully, I met the founder of Jobberman, Opeyemi Awoyemi, in 2012 (I’m sure he can’t even remember what I look like or even the project I spoke to him about). He inspired me to start the project and try to perfect it along the way. He left me with a question which  he saw at Facebook headquarters,“What will you be doing if you were not afraid?” “Of course, I’ll like to put in for promos and competitions and will like to win them. As a winner, you become a celebrity in your own world and you have the media all over you,” I replied. He gave me his card and told me to start doing that.

I picked up the project again, finished it up, tested it with dummy content and felt it was good to go! Launching the platform was another big deal. I had three major challenges, the first of which was getting the appropriate domain name. I wanted a short ".com" domain name that would sell itself, nothing complicated. However, it seemed all the meaningful domain names had been taken. After two weeks of searching for the availability of over forty domain names; I was on the verge of settling for a .com.ng domain when I decided to try out two other words – “promo” and “update”. Lo and behold, the .com was available. I registered it as fast as I could and today, I run www.promoupdate.com.

The second challenge I faced was getting content. After launching, I knew I couldn’t fill in the site with dummy content; I needed original content to make the platform come alive. Racking my brains for days on end, I tried to figure out how I would get the right content. I was back to the initial problem that gave birth to the PromoUpdate project. I eventually sorted that out by getting information from the mass media, social media and through word of mouth. I still miss out on a lot of promos and contests.
My parents constituted my third challenge. They saw me as one unserious dude that had no plan for his future. My father would say “After spending four years in the university, you mean you want to spend the rest of your life doing promos? You this boy, grow up! Get a job and start planning for your future.” I hear that every week and there was a time it had such rhythm that it began to sound more of a song to me than a piece of advice.
I forged ahead regardless of the challenges. I remember sending out letters to many companies in 2012 telling them what I do whilst also inviting them to use the “post promo” link on the PromoUpdate website whenever they had any promo. As I write this, I haven’t heard from any of the companies. I have however decided to give it everything it takes to generate content for the platform. After running the platform for eight months, I had not made money from it and I had not won anything; but I was far from quitting. On the 31st day of December 2012, one of my banks called to inform me that I was one of the winners of a promo I had put in for three days earlier. Wow! I just won a brand new Toyota Corolla Car – 2011 model! #AlantaModeActivated . Talk about being excited! 

2013 was another great year for me. Everyone in my hood now calls me Baba Alaye just because I drive a brand new car. My male colleagues would say to me, “Let me know if there is another promo” while the females were always asking if we could hang out later in the evening. Little did they know that a hundred naira wasn’t added to my monthly N5,000 allowance. People are now beginning to view my website regularly unlike in 2012 when I was the only one viewing it. 2013 was also a year of winning as I won more stuffs ranging from gadgets to cash prizes. (clears throat, Samuel, my phone?)

I enjoy what I do; I get lots of mails from people trying to make enquiries about particular promos. I see these people as my own customers; I reply every mail I get and try as much as possible to educate them. Sometimes, when I don’t have answers to the questions, I go the extra mile by calling and even visiting the company running the promotion to get adequate and accurate answer for my own audience. Sometimes, I receive over a hundred calls a day from my audience trying to make enquiries. They drain my Nokia battery most of the time.
However, I’m beginning to feel uncomfortable lately. PromoUpdate is about 20 months old and we are still struggling and haven’t got a single press review. I read about other startups, how they get funding, how everyone wants to invest in them and other sweet things the media say about them; and I ask myself “How come the press ain’t talking about PromoUpdate? Ain’t I adding value? Is there something I ain’t doing right? How come nobody wants to invest in PromoUpdate? How do I take PromoUpdate to the next level? Are all these press reviews about other startups just unnecessary hype? Am I the only entrepreneur feeling this way or are there many others like me?”
Until I find answers to these questions to move PromoUpdate to the next level, that thin voice inside of me will keep whispering two things to me:
1. Get a life, other startups are just media hype.
2. You are still that jobless broke nigga that is just privileged to drive a brand new car. 

One word for you dear, you are going places this year. And, Yes, I would win my car too. Lets share the word, get him press reviews. 

People are winning cars, mobile phones, ipads, dont be a lastma. Visit PROMOUPDATE today!!!

Samuel Adekanmbi is the Founder and CEO of PROMOUPDATE .
Twitter: www.twitter.com/promoupdateng (@promoupdateng)
Facebook: www.facebook.com/promoupdate (Promoupdate)